Now Offering Limited Edition T. E. Lawrence Publications Direct From Castle Hill Press

The folks at Castle Hill Press may know more about T. E. Lawrence than anyone on the planet.  So imagine how happy we are to announce that we will be offering Castle Hill Press Limited editions.


For a quarter century, Jeremy Wilson (Lawrence’s authorized biographer) and his wife, Nicole, have edited and published scholarly editions of Lawrence’s works and correspondence, as well as works about Lawrence’s life.  Editions published by Castle Hill Press are praised for both superlative production quality and substantive contributions to the Lawrence canon.  Churchill Book Collector is honored that Castle Hill Press invited us to offer many of their limited editions.

The fame of T.E. Lawrence (1888-1935) derives from his remarkable odyssey as instigator, organizer, hero, and tragic figure of the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War, which he began as an eccentric junior intelligence officer and ended as “Lawrence of Arabia.”  This time defined Lawrence with indelible experience and celebrity, which he would spend the rest of his famously short life struggling to reconcile and reject, to recount and repress.  This time also led to the tortured writing and tortuous publication of Lawrence’s masterwork Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

Castle Hill Press has of course produced bibliographically unique and compellingly beautiful editions of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, prized by both scholars and collectors, but as the full scope of Castle Hill Press publications testifies, Lawrence’s literary and intellectual reach far exceeded the world and words of Seven Pillars.

Of Lawrence, his friend and admirer Winston Churchill said:  “Lawrence had a full measure of the versatility of genius…  He was a savant as well as a soldier.  He was an archaeologist as well as a man of action.  He was an accomplished scholar as well as an Arab partisan.  He was a mechanic as well as a philosopher.  His background of somber experience and reflection only seemed to set forth more brightly the charm and gaiety of his companionship, and the generous majesty of his nature.”  (Great Contemporaries, p. 166)

Lawrence’s published works span crusader castles and ancient Greek translation to technical manuals on high speed boats.  His published volumes of correspondence reveal his engagement with an incredibly diverse array of foremost intellectual and political luminaries of the early twentieth century.

Within the pages of Castle Hill Press limited editions is found the fullest literary measure of this “versatility of genius” consistently presented with both scholarly integrity and the aesthetic sensibilities of a fine press publisher.  Working with Castle Hill Press, Churchill Book Collector looks forward to bringing Castle Hill publications to your shelves.

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